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Face Painting gallery

Here is just a sampling of my work. Click on the photo to enlarge.


Moore Colour face painting offers a fantastical wide range

of designs for birthday parties, Halloween, corporate events,

theme parties, holiday events and fairs. From fairies to monsters,

the ideas are endless. I am able to paint 10-15 full faces in an

hour depending upon the detail. About 20 faces for cheek art.

The rate for private birthday parties is $100 per hour. Half hour increments are also available for $50 per each half hour. All other event pricing

including schools and non-profits, vary. Please inquire for a quote. Travel time is complimentary for up to 45 minutes of travel.

There will be an additional charge out of the normal range.

Any parking fees will be added to the final bill.

For those of you who appreciate one stop shopping, try sweetening your event by adding cupcakes to match your theme. Baked and delivered to your event by Judianne.  (978)882-2967

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